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the hanging of utorrent


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Good day today. Please could you help me decide one problem with utorrent application. This application hangs only on my PC.

Do not confuse! Not my internet connection hangs, but only this application as itself. Yes, sometimes internet connection can hang because uttorent, but in my case only utorrent application hangs. I can't use it menu. All of it menu items open so long. This is single application which hangs on my PC

My PC source

Cpu G2020@2,90Ghz

Ram 3,20gb

winXP x 32

and last version of utorrent

Please tell me, what i have to do to prevent the trouble.

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your operating system

windows XP x32

your current version of µTorrent (including build number)

your ISP

my ISP is SmartTelecom


any other software or connection settings you’re running that may interfere with µTorrent (including but not limited to: VPNs, proxies, firewalls, BTGuard and similar programs, and antivirus software)

-i dont have antiviruses

-firewalls are disable


-btguard there is no on my PC

if you want more detail info, please tell what do you want to see

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