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Error: ReadFromDisk: hostname not found


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I'm trying to seed something for my friend and I'm getting this error immediately after he manages to connect to my computer.

The error is "Error: ReadFromDisk: hostname not found" and I'm running 1.8.4.

The disk is a new WD external USB 3 hdd. I already downloaded a few gigabytes via uTorrent and it appears to be seeding other things no problem.

Mavericks with late 2013 MBP.

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I'm having a similar problem. I"m on an OS X 10.9.5 system with uTorrent 1..8.6 (36417); the problem was also happening with 1.8.4.  I'm seeding a lot of torrents, and a handful of them absolutely never get to upload at all: this message appears within seconds of any leecher connecting, and all connections to that torrent generate the error.  The rest of the torrents work fine.  I've moved the torrents from a WD USB disk to a Buffalo Thunderbolt disk without changing the problem.

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