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automating playlists and system setups


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I was wondering if anyone had any efficient playback tips or creative system setups. I would like to stream to another tv or automate the downloading process a little more.

as of right now I am using utorrent and an RSS feed and I usually have a long backlog of videos just like someone with a cable DVR and multiple videos to catch up on. my process as of now to play back the videos I download is to use use the torrents completed list sorted by date of completion as a makeshift playlist of sorts and just go up the list as I finish a video.

What I would like to have happen:

Have utorrent auto extract (which I am pretty sure is possible)

have the extracted files be placed into one folder and preferably still have a continuing playlist

be able to see and watch that playlist or list of videos from a media streaming device (PS3 or WDTV as examples)

have that list of videos still be in that time completed order so I can still watch the videos in order like a DVR list.

and finally be able to delete completed extracted videos. Which I am sure will still have to be a manual process but as easy as possible.

Is any of this possible or am I just asking for to much?

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