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Hi All,

Just d/loaded uTorrent this afternoon, and each time I d/load a movie and try to play it when d/loaded all I get is a message saying I need to download VideoX in order for me to see the movie. Now Im wise enough to know this is a spam thing, so I dont install.

I have various dvd players, DivX10 , VLC Media player, Zune, Windows media player etc, and no matter what film I d/load, as soon as I try to play the movie I get the same standard 'I need VideoX' message.

I also installed Codec settings too from CNet.

If anyone has any ideas what I need to do in order to see a film Ive d/loaded Id appreciate any help.

I am running Windows7 Pro.

* I CAN d/load and watch tv programmes without trouble, its just the films and Ive tried about 10 of them now

~ regards ~ andy

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