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very slow after scheduled "turn off"


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I have utorrent scheduled to "Turn off" during the week days. Lately, I think it started with version 3.3.1 or 3.3.2, it is very slow to recover after the turn off time ends. By slow I mean that after an hour there was still no significant upload or download activity.

I do not think it my environment because if I exit utorrent, wait 20 seconds, and then run it again, I have active uploads within a few minutes. The downloads take a bit longer to start but still not abnormally long.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Also, what happened to the idea of a scheduler option to exit utorrent? The current option does not upload or download but it still runs using up CPU and RAM as it refuses connections all day long. It was mentioned that an external program could kill utorrent but that does not handle all the situations. A reboot would break that method.

What I would prefer is for utorrent to exit if it is running during the day. Then I could use the windows scheduler to run it each evening or at reboot.

utorrent 3.3.2 build 30303 32bit

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No responses to the slow speed after turn off so maybe it is just my configuration. Here is what I have done as a work around.

I am using the windows XP scheduled tasks to run utorrent. The turn off ends at 5PM so I have the XP scheduler run utorrent at 5:01PM. Then I have it limit the run time to 14 hours. This is in the advanced scheduler options. So utorrent runs all night and then gets killed by the scheduler one minute after it goes into "turn off" mode the next morning. A separate schedule on Friday runs utorrent fore the entire weekend. So far this is working well.

The re are several negative issues with this scheme. In the morning utorrent has already been terminated by the time I check my computer. I can run it manually to check the status of any nightly downloads. I just have to remember to exit when I am done.

Also the schedule can be interfered with if I reboot. I have it configured to start utorrent when I log in so at worst it will already be running. But I would have to manually kill it at some point for the scheduler to resume control. If I have to kill utorrent at night, say to install a new version I will again have to manually kill it in the morning.

I hope this idea helps others.

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