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Torrents going to downloads instead of directly into utorrent


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Just had my motherboard replaced. Since then, utorrent has been acting totally different. Figured out most of it, BUT CANNOT FIGURE THIS OUT:(

First, I am a computer novice....SO I NEED EXPLICIT DIRECTIONS (step-by step) on what to do.

I download from isohunt. Have added it to RSS feed on utorrent. BUT...before....isohunt would just provide a box at the bottom on which I would click "Open" and the torrent would download DIRECTLY INTO UTORRENT.

NOW....isohunt asks for a program. I click on utorrent. Then it downloads the file into "Downloads" on my computer. I have to go to "File" and then "add torrent" in utorrent....then to "Downloads" and click on the file that I want utorrent to download. HOW CAN I GET DOWNLOADS TO GO TO UTORRENT DIRECTLY ?

This computer is ONLY used for downloading movies and TV series, since we live in Costa Rica and the TV here is terrible.

I have noticed that the %APPDATA% folder is in "Downloads".

Any help would be appreciated.

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