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utorrent telling porkys about it's speed?


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Hey guys,

sorry if this has been covered in the past, I tried a few searches before posting.

Anyways, i've noticed that my utorrent appears to be lying about it's connection speeds. For example, right now i'm downloading a file, a few gigs, utorrent states it is downloading at around 370kbps, yet the 3 different network activity monitors i use state that it's using nearly 900 down, its the same story with the upload speed. Weird right? I'm going to believe my activity monitors for now, as they all agree with eachother, and they all state that its definitely utorrent consuming these speeds. But where else is this missing speed going? I've calculated the speed utorrent states, and the size of the files and the ETA, and they all appear accurate, so (on this occasion) 600k is apparently un-accounted for?

Any suggestions?


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