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Help Deleted .Torrent file before finished Downloading now orange !


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Q. I used to use Transmission with Mac now just started using Utorrent for mac , and deleted the .torrent file half way through downloading ( I could do this with Transmission and continued) - well needless to say that deleting the .torrent file has caused a error and a orange circle with a ! and stopped downloading ..

I guess have to keep the .torrent file until finish download ?

Can i get this download to continue where left off ? if so how as have tried force re-check but need the ,torrent file , update trackers , but nothing i tried worked ,

I even tried going back to the website where I got the original .torrent file and re-download but it doesnt redownload just auto-opens Utorrent and says :- The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it? YES or NO - tried both but nothing happens ..

So any ideas or does anyone know what to do in this case would be great ..

Thanks In Advance


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By Metadata - do you mean the .torrent file from torrent websites ?

It didnt want to redownload this as when i did nothing downloaded but Utorrent auto-opened and added , but never got the normal .torrent.

I changed save location and I finally got the .torrent file again , moved back everything to downloads folder where I keep all .. did a force-recheck and Nothing ??

So any ideas how to get it restarted ?


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