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VPN for privacy vs Port Forwarding for P2P


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I use several P2P downloading programs that benefit greatly from port forwarding. To protect my privacy I have tried a couple of different VPN services, but they don't seem to have good port forwarding capabilities. Private Internet Access appears to have port forwarding if you select the right host, but it seems to only give one Port. I don't believe I can use the same port for all clients, and one of my client applications needs two ports, TCP and UDP. I've tried it with one program, and it didn't work even with that anyway.

Specifically, I'm talking about IPVanish/Private internet access v. Soulseek/Emule/Utorrent. My priorities for a VPN, Proxy, or any other masking technology are privacy and performance. I get 50 Mbps from my ISP, which is pretty fast, so performance would be great.

Does anyone know of a solution for Port Forwarding your downloading programs while at the same time insuring privacy with a VPN or any other technology? Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys!


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