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Disconnects not logged


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Stable version. How to reproduce:

1. Check "Log Disconnects" (user wants to log disconnects).

2. Log a certain peer.

3. Clear log.

4. uT stops logging disconnects from peers other than the certain peer.

To clear the issue uncheck "Log Disconnects" and check it again.

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Right-click a peer and select "Log Traffic to Logger Tab".

Ok, that's more of a poor description/menu caption than a bug, it should say something like:

"Log only the traffic from this peer ...", because

This "bug"/feature was always there

it has always been for excluding all other logging functions so you isolate a single peer for monitoring.

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a poor design,

Poor implementation maybe, as the only ways to return to normal are to either "clear all logging flags" then reset your logging preferences, or restart the client which restores the flags you had set.

However, having said that, it is simply a pointer to the heritage of uTorrent of being a "minimal feature set" BitTorrent client that was never intended for "Power Users".

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