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Problem regarding DUAL monitor on windows 1.8


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i have a problem with windows 8.1 and extended desktop.

i use utorrent and sometimes i drag the "magnet download window" to the extended desktop, because i like to use my laptop from my tv. however, sometimes i forget to move it back to the main display after i unplugged the HDMI resulting in a disappearent "magnet download window" on my main display.

meaning that the "magnet download window" wont appear on my main display, even after i clicked on the magnet link & disconnected the hdmi plug from my laptop. i have no problem , whatsoever, seeing the main utorrent program. the issue is the "magnet download window" is still being projected onto the second screen somehow and i cant find it on task manager because the "magnet download window" doesnt appear on the f*** taskbar.i think this question is for the extreme computer programming geeks .

alt + space + m DOESNT WORK because the window doesnt appear on the taskbar

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I have the same issue.


alt+space+m and arrow buttons does not do anything. I think the problem is the magnet dialog does not get focus either after alt+space+m, or alt tab, and obviously it's not on the task bar. So it's lost in my detached monitor, not influenced by alt+space+m and even a restart won't bring the setting back to default. 


Anything else I can try? 



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