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torrents will not seed after downloading


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hi everyone,

I'm still kind of a beginner to this whole torrenting business so forgive me if I don't quite understand everything or if this is a problem that's very simply fixed, but recently I've been having an issue with uTorrent in which the file downloads perfectly fine, but once the file is completed everything stops and uTorrent refuses to seed the file. I've left the application open for a whole day before, thinking my connection was just faulty, but the upload speed never goes above 1kb/s and even then it usually stays at 0.0kb/s. The torrents are all pretty healthy, and my speedtest results came out fine. I don't have any firewall that blocks uTorrent. Once in a while it'll connect to a peer for like a split second and reach a maximum of 0.4kb/s upload before blinking out again. I never had problems with this before and I've never messed around with the settings/preferences, so I'm wondering what happened to make it this way.

I'm not sure what other information I need to provide, but if there is anything else please let me know. Any help is appreciated.


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