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Orange/failed? blocks are stopping download from ending


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Build: uTorrent 3.2.3 build 28705 (but have noticed issue since 3.1), x86 version, OS: Win7 x64

No firewall/port/connection problems to date

Issue: When downloading, some files will hang just short of completion for an unusually long time. It's most noticeable when prioritizing particular files within a single torrent: high-priority files download quickly until 99.8%, then sit at 99.8% for several minutes while low-priority files start downloading in earnest.

Looking at the blocks of these files as they're downloading (under the 'Pieces' tab), certain blocks will show "bad" segments of orange. The rest of the block will be green ("completed/written to disk"), but the orange segments will do nothing for a fairly long time (>3 minutes) until the orange segment is cleared and the missing piece can be quickly downloaded again. There's no problem in re-downloading the bad segment.

Workaround: Manually stopping the torrent immediately clears "bad" orange segments in any block, and those blocks can be immediately re-downloaded at normal speeds. This only takes a few seconds, but the automatic clearing of bad segments takes several minutes.

Is there a setting to reduce the timeout period on those bad orange segments, so that they are cleared and re-downloaded immediately? Is there another fix?

(Thanks in advance for the help. Been using uTorrent since its inception, first time I've ever reported any issues.)

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Tested with uTorrent 3.3.2 build 30303.

Problem persists. I saw some improvement: many "bad" segments are only stuck for ~1-2 minutes now instead of >3 minutes. The problem is that this improvement happened only with highly-seeded torrents (low-seeded torrents are the ones that hang on bad segments most often), and it's still inferior to manually stopping-and-starting the torrent in any case.

Again, if anyone knows of any settings that can control the timeout period on "bad" segments, or has any knowledge on this issue, please reply.

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