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Partial download folders not removed upon download completion


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1) Preferences -> Directories:

[x] Put downloading files in: "partial"

[x] Move completed downloads to: "completed"

2) Open a magnet link

3) Wait for completion

4) Remove torrent using X toolbar button or backspace

What happens:

- torrent files are moved, but empty parent folder for the torrent remains in "partial"

What should have happened:

- torrent folder should not exist in "partial" after completion


- This is a regression that happened at some point. Older versions (not sure how far back) did not do this.

- The folder left behind in "partial" is empty. There are no dot files.

UPDATE: I watched uTorrent a bit more closely and discovered that it does the following:

Create a temp directory for the torrent based on the torrent name. Put all files downloaded inside that directory. Upon completion move those downloaded files/folders to the "completed" folder. However, the temp directory is never removed. It may be because I have a space in my path or something like that.

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