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ETA for all downloading torrents


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I have a computer which I only use to download torrents only from a closed tracker, which almost always gives me maximum download speed (let's say 10 M/s).

Say I have 2 downloads running (a and B), each of them 100 G.

Torrent a is 99% complete and downloading at around 9 M/s, so uTorrent will calculate an ETA of about 1,000 seconds. (correct)

Torrent b is 1% complete and downloading at around 1 M/s, so uTorrent will calculate an ETA of about 99,000 seconds. (not correct, as the transfer rate will explode in around 1,000 seconds)

Would it be possible for you to add a clock or counter or whatever that calculates the ETA of ALL torrents, if the current speed is held? I think this would be a very cool feature to uTorrent. Currently I have to do my own math, figuring out how much data I have left to transfer in total and thus how much time until everything will be downloaded.

Thank you for considering and thank you for giving me the best torrent client ever. Excuse my poor English, it is not my mother tounge.


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The final ETA of the running jobs WILL be the the ETA of the one that has longest to run.

I am quite sure you are wrong. uTorrent calculates the ETA of each torrent based on the current speed of each torrent, it does not take into consideration that when one download completes, the others will speed up (which is what I am requesting in this new function). Makes sense?

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MAY speed up not will.

True, although in my case there is 99,9% probability that it will as described initially. The current ETA calculation also makes the ASSUMPTION that the individual torrent will proceed at current speed until it is done. I am asking for the new requested feature to make an assumption for all torrents. Makes sense?

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It already does, every job has an ETA based on the payload remaining / the current data rate.

To have an "overall" ETA would be about as accurate as a guess, what would be used for the rate?

The quickest?

The slowest?

The average of all current rates?

Or should it get into the realms of statistical analysis and the medians of the remaing data and rates be calculated and that used?

It's a bit like a construction job, when the last brick is laid, .... the job is over.

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Yes, I know that uTorrent calculates the ETA for each torrent based on each torrents current transfer rate.

What I am requesting is that uTorrent calculates a combined ETA for all torrents based on all torrents current combined transfer rates. For example: 100 GB left to download in 5 different torrents; current combined transfer rate 10 MB/s; approximately 3 hours.

Currently, uTorrent might tell me that one of these torrents has 5 seconds left, 3 others some number of minutes and the last one infinite ETA.

I hope you understand what I mean?

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