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Shared UTorrent and Labelling issue


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Hey All,

I have a weird issue which I hope can be solved.

I have a seedbox setup running uTorrent server (latest) which is downloading torrents from 3 different locations. Each location feeds utorrent with files with different labels, which then are put into corresponding folders. These are then sync'd to local directories for each person via Bitorrent Sync.

All is working great, unless one of the 3 people try to download the same file. If this happens, uTorrent takes it as a duplicate file and redownloads it as the previous label.

E.g. If John downloads "big buck bunny" on 05/12/2013 it's labelled as "John" and sync'd no problem

If Bill then downloads the exact same release, it's downloaded as "John" once again.

Anybody seen this type of thing before, or know of a fix?

Thanks in advance!


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