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Downloaded torrents aren't being moved to the correct directory!


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I'm having issues with where the completed files are moved to, normally the would be in the Z:\Completed Torrents\Some Torrent Site\ .

These are my settings in Preferences -> Directories

Location of Downloaded Files

Put new downloads in: Z:\New Torrents

Move Completed downloads to: Z:\Completed Torrents Append the torrent's label IS CHECKED

Only move from the download directory

Store .torrents in: Z:\Torrent Files

Move .torrents for finished jobs to: Z:\Finished Torrent Files

AUtomatically load .torrents from: Z:\Automatically Load torrent files

Now since the last couple of Betas that were released, I am finding most of my completed downloads to:

Z:\Completed Torrents\Some Torrent Site Name\New Torrents\

This wouldn't be so bad, but I have uTorrent putting the completed files in the above but they aren't in the name of the torrent directory.

For Example:

Z:\Completed Torrents\Some Torrent Site Name\New\ and there should be a subdirectory called "Name of Torrent", but there isn't one. I am left with a lot of files, not knowing which files are for what torrents. I know this sounds confusing, because it is to me. :)

Thank You. ;)

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I don't see "append label" in 3.4 build. I think they've reverted to a new labels-path scheme, which is broken...

Anyway, the move completed - works for me, using the torrent name as a sub-folder (also for single-files torrents, which I'm not sure is correct)

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