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Is this uTorrent, me, or just that the RSS feeds that don't work?

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Hi, I have been trying to get the RSS feeds option in ut to work and have had limited success but am not sure which to blame it on, the feeds, myself, or ut. in my log i have a huge number of errors like:

[00:22:22] Unable to load "Alias.S05E13.HR.HDTV.AC3.5.1.XviD [1652].torrent"!

[00:22:24] Unable to load "24.5x02.720p.HDTV [125].torrent"!

[07:22:18] Unable to load "Lost.S02E20.HDTV.XviD-LOL [344].torrent"!

[07:22:18] Unable to load "Prison.Break.S01E20.HDTV.XviD-LOL [92].torrent"!

[07:22:21] Unable to load "24.5x02.720p.HDTV [226].torrent"!

[07:22:21] Unable to load "Alias.S05E13.HR.HDTV.AC3.5.1.XviD [1845].torrent"!

I am using feeds from:







I tried looking at each feed under the release tab then dbl clicking on random torrents. Doing this on almost any of thepiratebay torrents or tvrss torrents opened up a torrent no problem. The other feeds (demonoid, torrent spy, etc) did not work and gave me the error "Unable to load file.i.want.to.dl.torrent" when i tried to open a torrent in their feeds. This leads me to believe that it is not me or utorrent but the feeds but these are big sites (i think) and i wonder why they are offering feeds if their feeds don't work... or am I missing something? Any help/insight would really be appreciated!



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mininova, torrentspy and isohunt's feeds are not direct links to the torrent (they link to HTML pages), so they won't work.

tvrss and TPB are, so they should.

Doh, ok so i will try to find some feeds with direct links (I don't suppose anyone knows of a "utorrent friendly" list of RSS feeds?

As for the rules, sorry, I didn't mean to make your life harder (I will re-read them before i post next time).



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