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Problem Installing Plus on WIN 8.1 Pro


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Hi folks,

I really LOVE uTorrent Plus - elegant coding.

I have a dual boot system and my machine name is the same with each operating system (WIN 7 PRO & WIN 8.1 PRO)

I downloaded the two copies of Plus that I purchased (each has a different file name - different keys?). Since I'm installing on the same machine I figured I would not have any hassles with installation and licence. Apparently not - I receive a 404 error during install: my key could not be downloaded or perhaps the key has been locked out for some reason.

I am always happy to buy software and purchased two copies (one for my daughter). Could you (staff / coders) take a look and see what is happening for me?

You can use the email address used for the forum to identify me.

Also - with the built-in AV protection, I was always under the impression that you never have two AV programs on the same OS. I use NIS 2014. Should this feature 'look' to see if the user has an installed AV and turn off automatically (greyed option with flyover tip)?




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