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quick adsl equipment help please


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i stupidly ordered a Linksys WRT54GS specifically for its handling of bittorrent (ie, lots of connections)

but forgot to look at the features and realised it dosnt have a modem, but i have also been informed that having a separate modem is actually a plus point, anyway, ill get to the point here...

So, now what modem should i buy? im looking for something quite cheap and simple, BUT obviously it need to be able to handle bittorrent and multiple connections very well, as my current Belkin router makes http browsing very painful.

please give me any advice on this, because i feel really stupid just sitting here looking at this cool linksys box here without being able to use it

thanks in advance.

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you might want to look and maybe place querry here http://www.dslreports.com/forums/all

depending what your ISP is, usually with DSL you don't get much free hand choosing your modems, that is you are limited to few models, myself I have Speedstream 5200 running in bridge mode and it works just fine with p2p, bridge mode means it also has inbuilt router which is bypassed in this mode

why don't you hook the linksys to the modem you currently have and see


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