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Please help!! queing problem!


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:) Hi guys and girls, im new to this forum and i would like to report a bug. :)

When i want to move my files up or down queue it only moves once, i mean by one place.

If i want to move it again i have to click on it and move it again by only one place :mad:

It unmarks it someow.

Please help


P.S. Sorry about the bad english writing, im from croatia.

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Poor topic description for this thread but I'm having the same problem....version is 3.4 build 30660 32-bit.


The problem occurs only when selecting a single file and trying to select "down queue" button.  If multiple files are selected, then the group will shift down properly.  But if a single file is selected, it will shift down one slot and then gets de-selected.


The behavior is ok for a raising the priority of a single file.


Hope this clarifies the problem....


BTW....better title might be "Single file de-selected after each move down queue".


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Yes I have also noticed this problem, very irritating... want to move one file from the bottom or middle to top but keeps on deselecting... and no, selecting multiple files does not help, if you choose 3 or 4, it moves all up one space and then deselects the top one haha

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