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My seeding is terribly slow.


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I've noticed for a while now that all of my torrents download very well, but upload, hardly at all. For example I had a peer at one torrent like this: download ~200 kb/s and upload 0.2 kb/s....I mean in the last 31 days it says I downloaded 25 GB and uploaded 1 GB, and I just can't help it.

Please help me set up my Utorrent so that it seeds as well. I even checked an option to prioritize uploading but it's not working.

I have version 3.3 and some custom settings in Bandwidth such as Global Connections: 1200, max number of peers per torrent 180 and upload slots 80. Also I checked the add additional slots if upload speed is <90%. Also in Queueing: max active torrents 8, max number of active downloads 6, and at Seeding Goal minimum seeding ratio 150%.

Also my peer.lazy_bitfield's value is true.

Help! :(

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