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Checking occurs every time I start/stop


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Been having an issue the past week or two, where if I shut down uTorrent, when I reopen it, anything that is resuming downloading, will have to be checked first. Not too bad for small files, very annoying for 10GB downloads especially if you were only 0.1% done when you shut down because re-checks the entire thing.

Few days ago I formatted my computer (just to clean it up), re-installed Win7x64 and uTorrent 3.3.1 (30017) and still the same issue.

Doesn't matter if I right-click the icon and close, or if I stop the download first, wait a few seconds then close, or any other method of shutting the program off. It's not occurring 100% of the time, but probably around 90% of the time.

Any ideas?


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Not supported?

If I click check for updates, it says my version of uTorrent is up to date...?

Pre-allocate is already off. Shut down part I don't know why it would need longer, been shutting it down the same way for over 3yrs without issue.

EDIT - Well, downloaded a new copy, I usually keep one on an external drive (with other programs) for when I re-install my system to save some time. Hopefully version 3.3.2 fixes the 'check for update' issue 3.3.1 apparently had. :lol: Will, see if I still have the same issue using the new version.

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