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RSS Issues


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I have read through several posts in regards to issues with RSS feeds, but have not seen any solutions.

My automatic RSS feed worked beautifully until the latest (I think) release. Now, I cannot get it to work for the life of me.

I have one RSS feed called "My Shows" and then in favorites, I have filters for different shows, so that each show is downloaded into its own folder. Until the lates release everything worked fine and downloaded automatically. After update it stopped.

If I got into the Feed settings and check "Download Automatically", then I have a new entry automatcially added to my favofites called "My Shows" and in the filter line it just has "*". Which means that the shows are automatically downloaded, but they are downloaded all into the default folder. If I delete the new "favorite", then the shows do not automatically download ( and the check ark is automatically unchecked on the RSS feed settings page).

Has something chaged? Am I missing something? How can I get back to automatically downloading all my shows?

Thank you.

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