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Need Help In Proxy Settings for utorrent


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I work in university where they manually configure the browser for surfing. They are using firefox currently for browsing. If one uses internet explorer or chrome or anything, no browsing can be done.

Check out the screenshot below.


Similarly if i use utorrent for downloading, it doesn't work. The downloading progress remains at 0% and it shows connecting to peers.

So do I have to manually configure utorrent in special way. I tried entering proxy port and ip but it didn't work. I used HTTP proxy in utorrent when I tried.

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OK, select HTTP proxy , provide ip and port address

check whether your uni computer uses authentication or not, if so then provide the name and pass there

try checking the boxes for the lookups and peer2peer lookups

also try check/unchecking the proxy privacy section

what i'm sensing, your uni is using proxy authentication, if so, then get those info first. :)

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