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recheck and adding unselected files problem


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Sometimes when i shut down the PC the client not closing properly. I asume that because seeding a hundred or so....

Then next time when starting the client the re-check procedure starts. This hapening with unfinished torrents. Sometimes it is freezing at this period nd sometimes the Disc Overload appears. I can get around of this.....

If this continues without anything actually happening within the client, i decide to delete the torrent, kill the app via Task managger (because does not shut down otherwise for minutes or hours).

Now the unfinished files are there. Adding the torrent again. If that a partial DL from a huge list of files, the client starts the (force) re-check procedure and adding the non selected files too to the disc.

How can i start the hash check (orwhat) to avoid adding the non selected files to my HDD? All files in the torrent without selected with checkbox.


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