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Hi All, I have a question which you'll probably think is ridiculously easy to answer, but, one has to learn somewhere, so here goes :

I have recently d/loaded and am using U Torrent. I downloaded my first movie last week, thought I did rather well actually, and was pleased with myself.

I then wanted to burn the movie onto a disc. So I inserted a new dvd disc into my drive, and proceeded to burn the movie onto the dvd. This I did fine, and was, once again quite pleased with myself..lol

It was only when I inserted the dvd into my dvd player did I find that the disc would play, 'didnt recognise the format' or something similar.

Soooo, I thought I must have burned the movie in the wrong way, but for the life in me I've no idea what I did wrong, and, more importantly what I do next ?

Any help would be appreciated, I feel a little thick here but once I've done a couple it will be okay.

Many Thanks

~ Andy ~

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but I thought the sole purpose of using U Torrent was to d/load material from the 'net for personal use

Nope! That may be the use you are putting it to, but it is NOT the sole intended use of BitTorrent protocol clients.

... something Ive used U Torrent to d/load .
When it downloaded without problems and completed successfully is where support at these foums ended.

These forums are for problems with the uTorrent client specifically, we do not support problems with material you download and do not know how to use.

All I need to know is how do I put onto a dvd something Ive used U Torrent to d/load .
Then you need read the manual or find a support forum for whatever CD/DVD 'burner' you are using or intend to use to complete the process.
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