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no download file created


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Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1


Intel Core i5 2320 @ 3.00GHz


8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)


Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B75M-D3H (Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz)

Hard Drives

932GB Western Digital WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 (SATA)

119GB M4-CT128M4SSD2 (SSD)

utorrent: 3.3.2 build 30416(32 bit)

For space considerations all files are stored on D drive:

For utorrent purposes only:

Location of Downloaded Files:

New downloads: D:\Torrent Downloads

Completed downloads are moved to: D:\Torrent Downloads Finished

The Box only move from the default download directory is checked

Location of .torrents:

Store .torrents: D:\Torrent

Move completed .torrents: D:\Torrent Finished


The problem is that the torrent download file is not created when the torrent begins to download. The download begins normally. It show in .Utorrent as downloading. Speed is good. There appears to be no problems. About half way through download virtually stops. A quick check in the Torrent Download Folder reveals no download file. It is necessary to go to Task Manager and exit Utorrent and restart Utorrent. Downloading will begin without any further actions. The file will be created in Torrent Downloads Folder and will download and be moved Downloads Finished Folder upon completion.

I have checked my computer and no file is created anywhere. It appears to be downloading into nowhere. I have used other versions of Utorrent and never had this problem. I have uninstalled the program and re-installed but no luck

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