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torrent won't show up on screen


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I am using utorrent 3.3.2, I've been using utorrent for years and this has never happened to me before. utorrent was working fine all day and then suddenly it stopped downloading. :o I usually click on a magnet link and utorrent would pop up with a screen asking me to start the download. Now when I click on the magnet link utorrent pops up as usual but nothing happens, no automatic download, no screen asking me to start the download, nothing. I click the magnet link again and utorrent tells me that it is already in my list yet I see nothing. I have shut utorrent down and restarted it, I tried uninstalling and re-installing. Nothing seems to work. utorrent works just fine in all other operations near as I can tell. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :/

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