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Removing Partner Offers


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We are among many products that support the production and distribution of our free software through advertising. In cases where an advertisement is for an installed product, our requirements include: 1) The user must accept the offer; 2) The user must be able to easily revert to a state prior to the offer install. We also offer a premium product as an ad-free option.

You may have inadvertently accepted an offer from one of our partners during your installation of BitTorrent/uTorrent or when updating to the latest version of our clients. If that’s the case, don't worry - here are some easy instructions for reverting to your original settings.

PC Users

If your home page and default search was changed to Bing you have Conduit Search Protect. If it changed to Yahoo then you have installed software from Spigot. See the instructions below based on which search engine you are seeing.

Conduit Search Protect

Conduit Search Protect is one of the offers PC users can receive. To remove Conduit Search Protect and revert to your original settings, follow these steps.

In the Windows control panel, go to uninstall a program. Look for “Search Protect” by Conduit and select Uninstall.

When the uninstall dialog box appears, simply check the “Go back to my original home page and default search settings” box at the bottom, and then click Uninstall.

Your default search engines will revert to their original settings.


First, go into the Windows Control Panel and select UnInstall a Program or Add/Remove Programs. Locate and uninstall Spigot Search Protect. Then revert each affected browser back to your desired homepage and search engine settings with the following steps.


In Chrome you can set the default search engine, home page, and new tab behavior on the Chrome Settings page. For more info, see these links:

Set your default search engine

Set your homepage

Set startup preferences (including new tab behavior)


Set your Home Page

Set your New Tab page

To change the default search engine in Firefox, simply click the icon next to the search box and choose your desired site.

Internet Explorer

The method for changing your settings will vary depending on your current version of Internet Explorer. Follow these links to view instructions on Microsoft’s site.

Change your Home Page (you can select your version of IE via the tab to the right of the page)

Change your default Search Engine

Change your New Tab settings

Mac Users

Mac users can revert to their original settings by uninstalling the Searchme extension from each affected browser and then resetting the homepage manually. For more info, please view these detailed instructions.


Under Safari’s Preferences menu, select Extensions.

Locate the Searchme extension and select Uninstall.

Go back to the General Preferences tab and select the Default Search Engine and Homepage you would like to use.


Under the Window menu, select Extensions.

Locate Searchme and click the corresponding trash can icon.

Once the extension has been removed, open the Chrome menu and select Preferences.

On the settings page that appears, select the homepage and default search provider you would like to use.


Under Firefox’s Tools menu, select Add-Ons.

When the Add-Ons page opens, click Extensions.

Remove the Searchme extension.

To revert your search engine, simply click the search engine icon next to the search box and select the provider you wish to use.

To revert your default home page, open the Firefox menu, select Preferences, and select the General tab. Here you can select the home page you would like to use.

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