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Language pack How to install please in laymans terms


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Well I'm not computer literate so I'm sure many of you will see this as a silly question but. For us old folks maybe not.

My computer crashed, had to reinstall windows, no problem, but I live in Thailand and I put on Windows 8.

Trouble is, every time I download the file it downloads and installs in English, why don't they just make it simple and allow us to choose our language at install time. No.

Any way I have downloaded the language pack, but have no clue being computer clueless how to make it work.

I have been using this torrent program for years and this is the first problem I have had.

When explaining please someone give to me in simple English or screen shots as that is how I best work.

Sorry for this but I want to get rid of the Thai language. I have tried so many times. but have not succeeded

Thanks in advance

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