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Hello utorrent team,

You've just closed/deleted posts in threads about bug initially reported many years ago.

Finally you've explained "because it can't be fixed, don't talk about it". Now it is even funnier.

As C++/C#/Delphi/Assembler(x86/ARM/MIPS) Win32/.NET programmer with about 15 years of experience of system programming (particularly network programming) I am saying "(1)it can be fixed, (2)without breaking anything, (3)it is relatively easy". Pay me and i'll fix it for you if you can't write programs.

The only reason making something "impossible to resolve" is totally fucked up architecture. Or absence of motivation, ok 2 reasons :)

Best regards.


Ok, ok, write some bullshit again and close this topic too. Very smart. GL, you've already proven to me that you are inadequate and are not going to improve utorrent.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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