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Reloading torrents and seeding after formating puter


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Hi all

I guess this was asked before, but the search didn't give anything of value,

Some broken links to explanations, thas all

I've formatted my C drive (and reinstalled windows and everything)

I have over 300 Torrents and the files that go along with them.

I've downloaded all the files in different sub-folders in order to better organize the files.

Now I want to Reload all the torrents in order to reseed them,

is there a way to reload all torrents with corresponding files, not one by one?

Many thanks


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only the torrents and the files the torrents download?

Then you read and follow the migration guide' date=' which is ALSO in the manual.[/quote']

:-( red it, dont get it - it does not explain how to reload and reseed a huge amount of file in one go, when files are in different subfolders folders.

10x for your help :-)


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