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multiple ISP links

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I have 4 ISP links (4 phys connections).

How to report all IPs to tracker(not a random one, but all of them as one)?

All port forwarding is set (so connections from peer exchange are working on all interfaces).

The only problem is that I can't report all IPs to tracker and use one connection per peer per phys line...


How it works now:

me ->random line -> peer1
me ->random line -> peer2
me ->random line -> peer3
me ->random line -> peer4

How I want it to work:

me ->line1 -> peer1
me ->line2 -> peer1
me ->line3 -> peer1
me ->line4 -> peer1

me ->line1 -> peer2
me ->line2 -> peer2
me ->line3 -> peer2
me ->line4 -> peer2

me ->line1 -> peer3
me ->line2 -> peer3
me ->line3 -> peer3
me ->line4 -> peer3

me ->line1 -> peer4
me ->line2 -> peer4
me ->line3 -> peer4
me ->line4 -> peer4

Sure it should work both ways(from me and to me).

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Yeah, I know about setting up several separate clients.

I just want to add feature to protocol(it would be good for all people with multiple ISP links)...

And I don't want to use my phys links as separate links, I want to use them as one faster link...

There's no problem in simple protocols (like http(s) /ftp(s)) - I just use load balancing and remote proxy.

But there's no way to load-balance UDP packets...

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The number of people with multiple links is extremely low compared to the total deployment size of bittorrent as a protocol.

Also, the split you WANT in your original description won't actually get you faster speeds, as you're just tying up connection slots on a lot of peers that probably can't upload to you any faster if you do that anyway.

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Some peers can't upload faster, but some can.

For example: I download new CentOS distro - I use http peers(lots of them have gigabit links) and usual peers(some of them have high-speed links).

My connection is 4x100mbit and if most peers will connect to one line - that line will max out to 100mbits, but other 3 will be used for 0-30%)...

If all load is balanced - all 4 phys connections will max out at 100mbits.

Main problem is delay-based slowdown(it would happen anyway, but more connections in that case will give more speed).

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