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Utorrent isn't opening automatically when clicking "get this torrent"


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Greetings all...

Love Utorrent...best one out there...but unlike my laptop with Windows 7, my Mac isn't automatically "opening" Utorrent when I go to Piratebay and click "Get this torrent" (for movie).

In my Windows 7 computer, when I go to Piratebay and find a movie I want I click "Get This Torrent" and VOILA...!!...Utorrent opens right up, searches for the torrent info, populates the box, and I click "Get Torrent", and off she goes.

I downloaded current version for Mac yesterday, seems to have worked because I can open the program, but when I go to Piratebay and try same scenario shown above, instead of opening Utorrent it tries to open the Mac downloader and just wants to know where to "Save File", etc.

What did I miss?

Thanks in advance.

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"Mac downloader"? Do you mean your internet browser (which would be your Mac's Safari, Firefox, Chrome,---) or some other 3rd party download utility.?

You don't have a uTorrent issue --- you just need to finish setting up your Mac. You can set a regular download place in your browser's preferences. You might be able to also set your prefs to open/ launch safe or specified downloads.

Also tell uTorrent to look for torrents and load/ start them.

To polish that sequence with redundancy, you will need to find a torrent file and get info or show inspector to tell your Mac what to open it with ( uTorrent) -- and to select the option to apply that to all.

These are Mac OS manipulations. Spend a bit of time exploring/ practicing/ reading help files/ connect with some Mac addict/ user group.

Note: specific steps would depend on your own OS/ software setup/ brain-style.

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