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uTorrent suddenly not connecting anymore...


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Hi all

Before the Xmas break I used uTorrent for several months without any problem, having used BitTorrent for many years before that. Not having logged on for a few weeks nor made any changes to my system, a serious problem has suddenly emerged: all torrents (all new as I had none that were in progress anymore) get stuck at Connecting to peers of Downloading 0.0% (alternating between these statuses every minute or so) :/

The green tick was initially showing in the bottom right hand corner, but became red briefly (a few minutes) before disappearing altogether (again, for a minute or so) and then becoming green again.

I have tried:

- all of Ultima's suggestions (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258238 under SLOW/INTERRUPTED INTERNET CONNECTION OR OFFLINE TRACKERS), except for "Try disabling IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu" as I don't seem to get that option when I activate the menu.

- Glasnost's tests: "There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your uploads"; "There is no indication that your ISP rate limits your downloads".

- canyouseeme: service on port 14932 cannot be seen; another random one 50267 cannot be seen either

- switching off my Windows firewall: makes no difference

- disabling and re-enabling the uTorrent exceptions (TCP-In, UDP-In) in the firewall settings: makes no difference

- uninstalling and reinstalling uTorrent

- uninstalling uTorrent and trying Vuze: same problem

Some further potentially relevant details:

- uTorrent version 3.3.2 build 30446

- Win Vista Home Premium SP2

- Virgin media (UK) Super Hub VMDG480: wired but use another machine wirelessly on the same network (Win 7 Home Premium), which has the exact same problem, with the network icon also oscillating between green, red, and absent.

Any ideas of things to try will be very much appreciated :)

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Have just tried a few torrents from kickass.to sent to me by a friend; work fine too. The site is blocked in the UK, along with various other usual suspects but I guess I'll need to find another source for my torrents than scrapetorrent.

(Still puzzled as to why torrents from there used to work fine though... :| )

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