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Bugs in 3.32 build 30446 and 3.4 build 30444


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Build 3.32 build 30446 as well as other versions of 3.3 have DISK OVERLOAD problems - so it is unusable to me.

Build 3.4 (build 30444) as well as other versions of 3.4 DO NOT have the DISK OVERLOAD problem, however the latest 3.4 (build 30444) has an annoying problem in that most files are not visible in the download and active folders. Currently, my side panel shows that 85 torrents are DOWNLOADING, but only ONE is shown in the folder. My Active folder says it has 47 torrents.. but only 17 of them are visible.

I suppose while waiting for a newer version of 3.4, my problem would be fixed if I could get a version of 3.4 PRIOR to build 30444

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