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uTorrent 1.8.4 freezes when changing download location


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Hi everyone. I have been using uTorrent (Version 1.8.4 (29971) for quite some time and I used to be able to change the download location of a completed torrent without any trouble. However, without doing anything, one day uTorrent completely froze when I tried to change the download location (the beach ball kept rolling) and I had to force quit the uTorrent app. I thought it was something temporary, I even tried updating to the beta version (version 1.9.1) but the problem still persists. Is there anyone who knows how I can fix this problem?

By the way: I tried to report the issue via the help tab but because 'reproducing the issue' causes the freeze, I'm not sure if any logs were sent to the uTorrent team.

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