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Transferring torrents from XP to 8.1


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Ive read the migration guide but i'm still not 100% sure how to copy the files across. I have an old laptop running Windows XP with approx 60 torrents that i am currently seeding and would like this to continue on my new laptop running Windows 8.1.

Do i need to copy the torrent folders from C:\Documents and Settings'\user\My Documents\Downloads ' and the .torrent files from the 'C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\uTorrent' folder? If so do i then copy them to the new laptop placing the torrent folders in a .torrent files in the 'C:\Users\App Data\Roaming\uTorrent' folder?

Do i need to delete any/all of the .dat files in original .torrent folder as ive noticed that the corresponding folder on the new laptop already has .dat files within it. (After doing some reading on the forum i came across someone saying that resume.dat and resume.dat.old needed to be deleted but it wasnt excatly answering the question im posing so im not sure if its relevent in this case)

If the way above is the way to copy across i suppose the next question is what needs to be done in terms of when to have uTorrent on or off. Im guessing once ive copied the folders from the old laptop i can delete the files from that machine and switch off uTorrent or should i just stop the seeding torrents on the old laptop? From there copy the files onto the new machine, with uTorrent off, in the right place and then switch uTorrent on. Would i then have to add each torrent with the 'Add torrent' button in uTorrent or would uTorrent recognise where the torrents have been placed on the new machine?

Any help would be appreciated.

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