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If I stop seeding, do peers that are presently d'loading get cut-off?


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Hi there,

I'm fairly new to torrent type stuff. I've just learned about proper seeding and all that.

But I just wanted to know, if I stop seeding, what happens to peers that are downloading from me at the present time? Do they get cut-off from my seed? Or do they continue downloading from another seed of the same file? Everything I've downloaded so far has seeded way above the download size (ratio above 1). But I just don't want to feel bad if someone's downloading, and I stop seeding.

Am I right in thinking this way? Or am I just totally ignorant about bittorrent stuff and don't really know how it works...


P.S. Sorry if this question is in the wrong place/index...didn't know where the best place to put it was...

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Short answer is *yes*, of course they will no longer be downloading from you. How big a deal that is depends on what is in the "swarm" (people out there on the same torrent). The P2P clients (like uTorrent) and the trackers will see you disappear and continue on with others in the swarm until all have all the available pieces.

If there are other seeders who are staying, they will still be feeding the swarm.

Also be aware there are major fans out there that will assemble an entire tv/ movie series and fill it with lots of extras like"making of", commentaries, spoofs, comments, multiple language files, star bios, posters, etc. That can be a useful live torrent, even with no seeder (someone who has it all) because most people will just want parts of the whole thing.

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