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uTorrent prevents standby (even with uption unchecked)


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For several versions of utorrent now, windows cannot standby when I choose to do so at the end of the evening. The screen blacks out, but case lights stay on, and then a new minutes later the monitors come back on. Although it shows the windows login screen, pressing any key gets me back to desktop without a password required.

Exiting utorrent often leaves a utorrent process of a few meg remaining for a few minutes. This process also prevents standby.

Standby works normally without utorrent showing at all in task manager.

Currently running 3.4 30444 32 bit, windows 8.1 64 bit.


EDIT:Just did some sleuthing with "powercfg /requests" and found something interesting.

With uTorrent closed completely, this is a series of entries followed by "none."

uTorrent was showing while running. I was able to get it to disappear by exiting utorrent (expectedly). I was also able to get it to disappear by toggling "prevent standby if there are active torrents" a few times and applying it.

Thinking I fixed it, I tried standby with uTorrent running, but unlisted in powercfg. Computer was able to enter standby. On resuming though, uTorrent was back in powercfg /requests.

EDIT 2: I toggled it more, exited and loaded uTorrent again and now I cannot replicate the problem. The problem has disappeared and reappeared in the past, I'll update if this happens to me again. Seems like something isn't sticking in a very specific situation. It's also possible that uTorrent isn't active "enough" anymore with all this quickly loading and disconnecting.

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