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Help setting up uTorrent to use VPN (VPNbook)

mike WEBB

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I decided to try VPNbook because I read that a few people who use it themselves with uTorrent recommend it. I installed the Desktop client instead of the Connect client they had listed and was able to get a connection going quickly. I restarted utorrent and I can see that a connection isn't being established but it is detecting the new network settings because it says my location is now Sydney, Australia. Then when I click on the setup guide again it switches to France and sometimes the Netherlands. then I tried downloading any random torrent that had plenty of seeders but uTorrent couldn't even connect to the peers. There is no activity on any of my other torrents as well. Though when the VPN is on I am able to browse the web just fine.

This is pretty much where I'm stuck as I don't know what else to do. I can't seem to find any documentation, guides, or videos that explains how to use any type of VPN with uTorrent, which I find odd. VPNbook website doesn't provide any help in this area either.

Can somebody at least point me to where I might have to change some settings in order to get the VPN working with uTorrent?

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I am not an expert in this area, but I would like to share my recent experiences with you.


I had been using uTorrent off and on for many years, but I started getting worried about getting sued by DMCA as many of Torrents users have been.

I tried to use free VPN services, but their software was too hard to set up.


I then started subscribing to paid services.

The FoxyProxy and Easy-Hide-IP were not any easier to do so either. Their support teams were almost non-existent.

The third one I signed up with was ProXPN. Their software was not hard to set up, but they forwarded a DMCA warning letter within 24 hours of signing up with their service. What is more outrageous was tha I had not downloaded the movie file they accused me of doing so.


I have been a happy customer of Private Internet Access for 4 days. Their software is easy to set up and their support team is superb. You have to ask right questions though. By the way, you don't have to change any thing with uTorrent itself. They also tell you that they keep any log as to who used their service so that they can't match your IP with their temporay IP they assign to you. It may be almost impossible for DMAC to find you(?).


I may be wrong, but whatever I said here is my personal opinion.

Happy torrenting!

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