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Bug in 3.3.2 12/15 build when speed tab displayed and right click


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using the latest build of utorrent I get a partial crash when the speed tab is displayed in the bottom window, and I right click on a category. The right click menu appears, but the statistics at the right of the speed menu start updating contiuously several times a second, so fast that they flash. Everything else in the interface freezes, the program doesn't accept input, but torrent activity will continue and download s will complete. Often the right clicked category has a large number (several hundred) of torrents, but I think I've seen this happen even with small numbers. Sometimes this happens immediately on a right click, sometimes when I try to start whole category at once. When the speed tab isn't foreground, this crash doesn't happen. I have the disk cache displayed on the speed tab when this is happening, the statistics do update constantly, but the graphs at right are frozen.

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