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Slow Download; No Upload


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I am running μTorrentPlus v.3.3.2 on a Dell Latitude E6510 (Windows 7 Ultimate). I have a cable connection to the Internet which is rated at 100 mbps.

About 4 days ago, μTorrent started to take 10 to 15 times longer to download than usual. Seeding was and is almost stopped. Updating of trackers "time out".

I cannot recall anything else happening 4 days ago. No new updates or other installations.

When μTorrent is not running, the connection speed for other Internet connections (e.g., loading a Web page) is as usual. When μTorrent is running, connection speed is much slower to the extent that attempts to load a Web page "time out" about half the time, although there are short intervals (< 5 minutes) when μTorrent is running and connection speed is as fast as usual. The slow speed issue occurs even when μTorrent is not downloading, so it does not seem that the problem is that μTorrent gobbles up all the bandwidth.

These problems occur when the μTorrent network status icon indicates that the network is okay and when the icon indicates that the network should be reconfigured. Running the tests and reconfiguring as instructed does not resolve the issue.

I discovered a problem with my existing firewall. I replaced the virus-spyware protection and firewall program (Panda) with McAfee. The only malware detected was in a file in the recycle bin which I then had deleted.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled my preferred browser (Firefox).

I would appreciate any suggestions for next steps. Otherwise, i suppose that my next step will be to uninstall and reinstall μTorrent (which will be tiresome).

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