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µTorrent settings to cloud storage.


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As it says on the tin.

The benefits of this situation:

In the unhappy event of total system failure (you lose everything) installing a new PC with µTorrent will just install all your lost settings from cloud. You may have to tweak a few settings to match the new configuration but that would be as nothing to having to e.g. re-enter all your RSS shows.

If you have multiple devices you wouldn't have to set each up equally and individually.

Obviously not all settings would need to be save to cloud.

For example All RSS downloader settings and history would be. Labels would be; but directory mapping wouldn't (it would be unlikely that you have the same drive configuration on each device).

Also would be preferable if the user can choose which cloud they'd prefer the data to be held in.

To my mind it's a simple elegant feature which shouldn't take up much space (in coding), yet have far bigger implications.

Thanks for listening.

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