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Incoming connections slow


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I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1. I know it's an old version, but it doesn't matter as this problem also occurs on the latest version of uTorrent.

I have 6mb/s downstream and 1.6mb/s upstream. I can download at max speed on fast torrents no problem, but when I'm seeding, my speed for incoming connections always stays at roughly 120kb/s. If I'm seeding to someone and it's stuck at 120kb/s, when I stop and restart the torrent the speed jumps all the way to 1.6mb/s.

tl;dr seeding connections to peers with the "I" flag in the peers tab seem to be limited to 120kb/s. If the "I" flag is not present then my upload can reach maximum speed.

Would anyone know why this might be happening, and perhaps know a way to fix it? I'm suspecting my ISP may be tampering with my traffic.

Regards, D.

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