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Port Forwarding Problem


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My download speed has become quite slow, I will try to detail my problem.

I have a new laptop running Windows 8 and a new internet connection (30-50M). My router is an Edimax BR-6430nS. I previously installed uTorrent and was getting excellent download speeds (up to 4 mb/s). This morning, the speed had dipped to below 50 kb/s. I watched some Youtube videos about improving speed by changing settings. None of them worked, and so I changed my settings back.

I checked the Portforward site and attempted to open a port. I opened one manually on my router, shut down my McAffee firewall, and set up a static ip. However, Portforward is telling me the port isn't open. uTorrent is telling me the same. I tried a clean install with reset settings, but I'm still downloading at under 50 kb/s. Portforward is still saying my port is not open or reachable.

Thanks in advance for any tips. I'm not sure what changed between the morning and the afternoon that affected the speed so much. Could it be an issue with my ip?

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