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Failed to install... Please help..!!

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Hi everybody...

i have a problem downloading u torrent for my mac.. i click the link that says: get u torrent.. the installer download fine, but when i click on the installer and its almost done, appears a window that says: "the installation has failed, please run the installer again to retry, Reason: failed to install u torrent application"

i thought it was because i had mountain lion, then y update my mac and i have mavericks, but still the same thing happen...

i don´t know what to do.. i've tried and tried a lot of times to again run the installer but it´s the same every time..

please heeeeeeelp..!!!

(i´m mexican and my english is not well in the matter of technicalities about computers and all this stuff haha.. please be patient and use words that a 5 year old can understand.. thank u very much :D)

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