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Can't maximize my download speed on private trackers


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Please help. I can't maximize my internet speed on any private trackers with LOW seeders. My internet speed can go high up to 4-5MB/sec but only with torrents with about 20 & above seeders. But when downloading low seeders (single digit) I can't even go past 100kB/s. For example right now I'm downloading Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 (private tracker with 7 seeders) my speed is about 60kB/s compared to Kings of Summer-CHD.mkv(from private tracker with 134 seeds) my speed is about 4.5MB/s. This is a problem since I should be able to get maximum speeds even with low seeders (even 1 seeder is enough) since this is a private tracker. I am using utorrent 3.0. Need Help

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