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Merging file list from a group of torrents


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I have been using utorrent for some years now, and I have this problem...

I have a VERY LONG list of torrents with a lot of files inside (each torrent with a different date). Now, the problem is that when I want to download a file in one of this torrents (every one is LARGE, I use them only to download specific files) I have to search in every one of them till I found the file I am looking for...

What I would like if possible is that when you select a group of torrents in the torrent list, in the file list it show the content of every one of them combined, and not only the first one...

I am not talking about merging files, one I select the file I want to download and change its priority from not download to normal (for example), it chenge in the torrent it is in, and it works as usual... I am only talking about merging the file list "visually"

Or at least, some search options to look for file in a list of torrents...

Thanks a lot for reading :D

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